Celebrations all round today !!!!

Today was a very special day for us here at Child’s Play.  We celebrated Sant Jordi and our 14th birthday.  It was a great way to embrace some of the cultures in our amazing creche community.  Please let us know about special days in your culture, we would love to celebrate them with you.

Thank you to all our incredible staff, children, and parents who have supported us over the last 14 years.  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. As a way to celebrate all next week, we will be launching the online resources that we have been working in partnership with DCU students to create.  A huge thank you to DCU for their collaboration on this enterprise and log into our site next week to use some of the fantastic resources.

3 thoughts on “Celebrations all round today !!!!”

  1. Kashmala, Afraaz, Shahwaiz

    Dear Child’s play creche, happy birthday 🥳 & may there are many more years of giving immense love and confidence to kids. May this be second home to many children as it had been for mine. Thankyou for everything you did for all kids and contributed positively in shaping their personalities. I couldn’t have asked for a better Creche.

  2. Grainne McNamara

    Happy birthday guys. A very hard worked 14 years with always first and foremost the well being of each child to the front of each activity.

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