Facilities At Child’s Play Creche


We operate an emergent play-based curriculum based on the four themes of Aistear and the standards of Siolta, the national guidelines for best practice. The learning environment has designated areas and play stations: The Home corner, construction area, sensory and textual play spaces, library and creative provision. We provide lots of open-ended activities for your child to direct their play and inquiry-based learning. This sparks their imagination, encourages them to explore and allows them to develop to their full potential.

Our emergent play-based curriculum enables us to create meaningful play scenarios for the children where they learn many dispositions such as: independence, curiosity, trust, playfulness, perseverance, confidence, and responsibility.

Children learn best through interacting in play with their peers and Educators (key person) in the early years setting. As educators our job is to extend and support children’s play in order to support their development, nurturing their self-esteem and confidence. It is essential for children’s wellbeing and sense of autonomy that we give them the tools they need in which to explore the world and gain their independence. We give the opportunity to hone and practice essential social, physical and cognitive skills that will lay the foundations for their transition to primary school.

Throughout your child’s journey with us we seek to develop a partnership with parents. This is critical to your child’s holistic development as you know your children best. We respect and acknowledge that parents/guardians are the primary people in their child’s life. We endeavour to build a mutually respectful, open and honest relationship that can support your child’s learning journey at Child’s Play. A sense of identity and belonging is crucial for children at this stage in their lives and we strive to ensure that every child feels loved and feels as though they belong. From pictures of their family on the wall to a symbol chosen by them above their coat hook.

We encourage all the children to get out come rain or shine and urge parents to bring in all weather gear and wellington boots so that children can always access this facility and jump in the puddles.

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