Early Childhood Care and Education Programme (ECCE)

ECCE classes in Kildare.

ECCE Classes in Kildare

The emergent play-based curriculum is a great tool that ensures children can express their individual abilities, knowledge, dispositions, needs, interests, and challenges as well as theories about how the world works.  Our curriculum acknowledges the importance of this and responds to their diversity. By using information gathered through observation and reflection on the children, this helps us to get to know how to support and extend your child’s learning and development. We regularly review and reflect on the impact of the curriculum on the children’s learning and development to ensure that all children’s holistic development is being supported appropriately.

At this age children’s minds are racing, absorbing every minute piece of information, their language, cognitive, social and emotional intelligence are developing rapidly. They will form closer attachments to their friends in their class and really enjoy group work.

Children in the ECCE classes are interacting with peers (no longer solo play) in play. When they play, they use their body, their mind, their feelings, and their senses. Role-play and make believe is a huge part of the curriculum in this class. The child is an active learner and there is a great balance of adult and child led activities. Each child brings their own fund of knowledge from their culture and community and through play they can explore the world and share and build on this knowledge. Their key person can extend, and support theses play experiences. These can become group projects as other children become engaged in their peers emerging interests through play.

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