Child’s Play featured on Midweek

Child’s Play featured on Midweek

Child’s Play featured on Midweek

Child’s Play featured on Midweek last night as one of the creches taking the lead in designing and supporting Food Rebels: the fighting childhood obesity programme.  Food Rebels is the brain child of Fiona McLoughlin Healy.  It is a campaign to fight childhood obesity in Ireland.  After 2 years of implementation and feedback the most successful and workable parts of the programme form the second phase of the roll- out to crèches nationwide. This newly devised programme  asks crèches and parents to adhere to 4 main principles in a battle against childhood obesity.

Remember 25% of our children are either overweight or obese by the age of 3!

The 4 main principles are

1. White to brown

Offer whole-grain pasta and rice for dinner with whole-grain cereals for breakfast and whole-grain bread where practical; nine times out of ten.

2. Prioritise a wholesome breakfast

Prioritise a varied and wholesome breakfast. Include such options as porridge (with or without jam); wheat biscuits with chopped banana; boiled egg and whole-wheat toast soldiers; cereal flakes with yoghurt and berries.

Breakfast is a vehicle for milk. Breakfast is one of three equally important meals of the day.

3. Add steps to each day

Add five minutes of movement to every hour. Use every opportunity to move (musical chairs, star-jumps, dancing on the spot, walking, playing out doors). The goal is to achieve no less than five thousand steps per child per day.

4. Portion size

Vegetables should make up half the dinner plate. Colour to be a priority (carrots and broccoli, sweet potato and cabbage, corn and peas). Children need to be encouraged to eat from all parts of the plate but not to finish their plate, unless hungry to do so. Fruit to be offered twice daily, at snack time.

If you would like to watch Child’s Play on Midweek (go to 33:31 mins)

If you are interested in fighting childhood obesity link the Food Rebels Facebook page.

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